Professional G Suite Email Solution

With G-Suite also get the professional Email Solution that will help you connected with clients all over the world. Emails have become part of modern day human as an attachment that describes his address to check his global connectivity. These business emails will be served directly under Google and you can open them around the world with just connectivity to the internet. With world being connected with internet, these emails will give business values and way to meet new leads and way to meet opportunities.

Being Google you are assured with 99% guarantee uptime with highest secured available, spam filtering, backups, schedule and more to give comprehensive data protection with mail directed at your business only. Setup these professional Emails with your smartphones and keep connected with your clients all the time. Started storage will be 30GB to begin with than goes to 1 TB with premium corporate business solutions. You can also set auto forward and further add your signature to make a brand of your Business with every mail you send.

G-Suite Emails are charged at optimized pricing at ₹200/month only to give away with benefits that will aid in every step for your business to achieve growth tremendous height. You can also opt for large Business (₹700/month) and Corporate Email(₹1700/month ) Solutions that are priced as per the services offered.

CubeFlick will help you connect with professional G Suite Solution for all the requirements to get your business started and get started linking with clients all over the world.

Why Cubeflick for G-Suite Email Solution

  • Important part of handling communication
  • Business Brand enhancement with Specific Email ID's
  • Qualitative and Effective Services at affordable Pricing
  • Easy Small Business, Large Business and Corporate Email Solution
  • Google Drive Backup Support
  • Google Cloud Connectivity